Storage Tips

Buy a sturdy padlock and keep your unit locked at all times.
Check your homeowners' or renters' insurance policy to make sure it covers "self-storage".

Pack your belongings in your space by need, with frequently used items in front.
If you are storing a vehicle or other equipment, "winterize" it. For example change the fluids and remove the battery.
DRAIN ALL GASOLINE from any stored engines and follow manufacturers' recommendations for storage.
You may NOT store perishables, liquids, or explosives.
Thoroughly clean all items to remove any food residue before they are put in storage.

Air Circulation & Moisture:
Use wooden pallets on the floor of your unit to help increase air circulation and to help keep your goods dry.
Keep upholstered furniture up off the floor.
Cover furniture with a dry soft cloth instead of plastic.
If you are using plastic bags or covers to store items, leave a small hole in the plastic to help vent air. 
Leave air space around the walls of your unit to help with air circulation.
Wipe surfaces of metal items with a rag containing a few drops of machine oil top prevent rust.

Packing & Storing Items:
Pack books flat to protect their spines.
Place a layer of extra packing material inside the bottom and top of any boxes containing glassware.
Clothing, curtains, and linens should be stored on hangers or in dresser drawers.
Mirrors, windows and screens should be stored on edge, not flat.

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